Consulting Engineers  
Partial List of Research and Laboratories

Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, CA
New 13,000 square foot addition for biotech and pharmacological research and product development facility. This project includes laboratories, conservatory, atrium product delivery and reception areas as well as new parking and truck loading docks.

University of California San Francisco, Medical & Health Science Buildings, San Francisco, CA
Multiple renovations of existing wet and dry laboratories for new dermatology, pharmacology, tissue culture and animal research facilities including support and office spaces. The design and subsequent construction of these renovations were phased to coordinate with the ongoing modifications of the buildings electrical, communication and life safety distribution systems. Budget cost opinions were provided for each phase.

University of California San Francisco, Mission Center Building, San Francisco, CA
Due diligence and master plan report for the existing U.C.S.F. facility at 1855 Folsom Street in San Francisco, CA. The electrical and communication systems for the 300,000 square foot facility was surveyed and evaluated for code deficiencies, system capacities and distribution systems for current and future needs for the University's staff and user groups. Recommendations, including programming assistance and budget cost estimates for new wet and dry research laboratories, animal facility space, office and conference rooms, centralized data equipment areas and all other support spaces.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA
Preliminary design for new wing for exhibits of live marine animals including research and analytical laboratories with renovation of the existing desalinization plant and new instructional classrooms for the general public.

California Pacific Medical Center, East Campus (formally Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center), San Francisco, CA
Renovation of approximately 15,000 square feet of existing facilities for new wet and dry laboratories for A.I.D.S. and Oncology research including culture tissue testing, pathology analysis and related support spaces. Complete renovations of the electrical distribution, communication and life safety systems were required along with associated budget cost estimates.

Contra Costa Forensic Science & Laboratory, Public Safety Complex, Martinez, CA
New 40,000 square foot forensic science laboratories, morgue and all support spaces including instructional classrooms and administrative offices. The project incorporated site analysis of the emergency power utility requirements for interconnection with the existing campus complex for provisions to the future standby emergency generator.

Sibia Corporation, La Jolla, CA
Survey, evaluation and budget cost opinions for existing 65,000 square foot "Timken/Sturgis" laboratory facility for system capacity, code compliance, analysis of services for expansion and adaptability of utilities to current technology and future program requirements.

Sandoz Corporation, Santa Clara, CA
Load study and master planning report for insectaria and pesticide research labs for approximately 30,000 square feet of wet and dry laboratories and related support spaces. The report includes evaluation of system configurations and capacities and their adaptability for expansion of future program requirements, including budget cost estimates for the recommended modifications.

University of California Irvine, Enviromental Health & Safety Building, Irvine, CA
New 35,000 square foot facility consisting of new site utilities, vehicular parking areas, administrative office space, hazardous waste handling and storage and laboratory testing facilities.

University of California Berkeley, Hildebrand Hall, Berkeley, CA
Due diligence report including site observations and evaluation of the existing wet and dry laboratories and support areas with regard to seismic restraints, distribution system capacities, code deficiencies and recommendations for code compliance and the upgrade of the buildingļæ½s infrastructure.