Consulting Engineers  
Partial List of Office Building Projects

Shell Building, San Francisco, CA
Renovation of existing historic building to include relighting of tenant elevator lobbies, main lobby and revisions to the existing life safety fire alarm and detection system for compliance with codes for high rise building standards. Special attention was paid to the original finish details in order to preserve the historic quality of the building.

Emerystation Plaza Multipurpose Office and Laboratories, Emeryville, CA
New 300,000 square foot building for tenants requiring offices and multiuse laboratories. This facility includes power distribution and communication infrastructure to support extensive power and communication requirements for proposed computer and laboratory equipment as well as standby emergency power.

Oracle Corporation Training Center, 444 Market Street, San Francisco, CA
Renovation of approximately 17,000 square feet for new training center consisting of classrooms, office and support spaces for the operation of computers and networking operations in the training of the Oracle computer programs.

MCI Telecommunications, San Francisco, CA
Renovation of 25,000 square feet for general offices, support spaces and data control room requiring power, computer terminals and network cabling provisions for system operations.

Clorox Corporate Facilities, Oakland, CA
Renovation of 150,000 square feet for administrative offices with new networking data / communication wiring systems, life safety fire alarm and detection system as well as major revisions to the general and computer power distribution system. The extensive use of electrified partitions incorporates the use of task lighting, convenience outlets and dedicated computer outlets and circuitry.

MCI Telecommunication Data Center, Rancho Cordova, CA
Renovation and upgrade of uninterruptible power supply systems and standby power generation to 2.5 megawatts and 4.0 megawatts respectively to provide increase computer power availability and data communication requirements for MCI�s Western region billing center. The electrical design required the continuity of power throughout the renovation to the electrical system.

201 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA
New 300,000 square feet, 18 story office building including all tenant improvements. Base building includes a centralized building management system to maximize the efficiency of the HVAC and lighting operation and controls as well as fully annunciated life safety fire alarm and detection system.

Pacific Gateway Center, San Francisco, CA
New 600,000 square foot, 30 story office building including a centralized building management system for maximization of all building HVAC and lighting controls and a complete life safety fire alarm and detection system. Base building design includes provisions for data / communication cabling to accommodate the requirements of a major financial tenant.

South Bay Center, San Jose, CA
Administrative office complex of nearly 600,000 square feet consisting of six buildings in a campus setting of landscaping and water features. Buildings are engineered to incorporate wiring provisions for data / communication cabling throughout the facility. Inherent in the base building design is a centralized energy management for automation of HVAC and lighting controls to maximize energy efficiency.