Consulting Engineers  
Partial List of Health Care Projects

Sutter Health Shared Laboratory, Livermore, California

Prototype pharmaceutical laboratory of nearly 20,000 square feet using the Lean delivery method for  completion of the work.  The project included extensive collaboration among the design, construction and owner team to produce the project on time and below budget.

California Pacific Medical Center, West Campus (formerly Pacific Presbyterian Hospital), San Francisco, CA
Renovation of approximately 15,000 square feet for a new OB-GYN and birthing center including L.D.R.P. birthing rooms, Level 2, N.I.C.U. nursery, C-Section procedure room and all required support spaces and all required support spaces and auxiliary system. Renovation of existing M.R.I. facility and new Cancer Treatment Center including linear accelerator, and all required support spaces and auxiliary systems. Renovation for new AIDS and cancer research laboratory.

San Francisco Towers, San Francisco, CA
New 500,000 square foot, high rise, senior care retirement center incorporating 200 independent and assisted living units , 50 skilled nursing beds, common areas including full preparation kitchen and dining room, recreational facilities, chapel, lecture and meeting rooms, underground parking and all required support areas. A comprehensive security and fire alarm and detection system is incorporated to allow for centralized monitoring and controlling of the building's life safety systems.

Aero-medical Clinic, Anderson AFB, Guam, Marina Islands
Design of power distribution, lighting and communication systems for 1000 bed medical facility addition.

Medical Contingency Complex, Clark AFB, Philippines
Schematic and Design Development incorporating power distribution, lighting and communication systems for 1000 bed contingency hospital.

California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA (formerly Children's Hospital), Cancer Treatment Center
Design for new 10,000 square foot addition and approximately 10,000 square foot remodel for cancer treatment and support facilities. Project consisted of four (4) radiation therapy linear accelerators, two (2) simulators, CT scanner and all required patient support and utility spaces.

University of California Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA
Award winning for constructabililty and on time delivery for Phases 3 and 4 "fit out" of nearly 100,000 square feet for medical/surgical, pediatric patient rooms and neonatal intensive care nursery for the 5th, 10th, 11th and 12th floors of the Children's Hospital Tower.

Family Health Planning, Wing Addition, Fountain Valley, CA
New, 200,000 square foot, four story wing addition for 150 medical/surgical and 50 orthopedic/neurological beds, operating rooms and a new parking structure. Project includes emergency system upgrade with the addition of a new 750 KW emergency generator and Central Plant.

St. Francis Memorial Hospital, Cancer Therapy, San Francisco, CA
Remodel of approximately 13,000 square feet consisting of two (2) radiation therapy linear accelerators, one (1) simulator and required patient and staff support spaces.

Valley Care Medical Center, Pleasanton, CA
Numerous projects including OB-GYN remodel, mammography and M.R.I units, Phase 2 surgery suite, C-Section remodel, kitchen, dietary expansion, laboratories and nuclear medicine renovation.

California Pacific Medical Center, West Campus (formerly Children's Hospital), San Francisco, CA
Design and construction administration for numerous projects including phased construction of nearly 20,000 square feet for the new OB-GYN Peri-natal Center incorporating L.D.R.P. birthing rooms, C-Section procedure room, Level 2, N.I.C.U. nursery and required support spaces. Renovation of nearly 100,000 square feet for new Geriatric and Alzheimer's unit.

Oroville Hospital, Oroville, CA
Renovation and expansion of nearly 15,000 square feet for the renovation and the expansion of existing radiology department, laboratories, support rooms with the required equipment replacements and code upgrades.

Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital, Santa Cruz, CA
Renovation and expansion of existing N.I.C.U. Level 2 nursery, new M.R.I. diagnostic building and the renovation and the conversion and expansion of the existing Administration Building for new Emergency Room for outpatient surgery, radiology facilities, exam rooms, patient recovery, required support spaces and revisions to the hospital's primary distribution system.

California Pacific Medical Center, Alzheimer's Unit & Respite Care, San Francisco, CA
Remodel of nearly 11,000 square feet for a new Alzheimer's residential unit including patient rooms and support areas. Remodel consists of complete lighting and power requirements incorporating enhanced lighting for the patients, safety receptacles to prevent insertion of objects other than the appropriate plugs, safety timers on electric kitchen ranges and other special design elements for these patients.

John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek, CA
Renovation of existing area for new interim neonatal I.C.U., remodel of existing Cath. Lab. and Cysto special procedure rooms and Phase 4 master planning for new acute care hospital wing, parking structure and ancillary additions. Conversion and extension of the existing site electrical distribution system from secondary to 21 KV primary metering.

Mount Diablo Medical Center, Concord, CA
Remodel of existing operating room suite for conformance to existing codes, replacement of the existing main electrical switchboard for the East Wing and the extension and conversion of the existing site electrical distribution system from secondary to primary metering. Remodel of approximately 3,000 square feet for new linear accelerator, CT Scanner and related support rooms.