Consulting Engineers  
Partial List of Education Projects

San Jose City College, Student Services Building, San Jose, CA
New student services building of nearly 60,000 square feet, including, administrative offices and support functions to serve the student population of the campus.

College of San Mateo, Buildings 1, 5 & 6, San Mateo, CA
Upgrade and modernization of nearly 80,000 square feet for student services, and classrooms as well as kitchen and dining facilities.

College of San Mateo, Site Distribution, San Mateo, CA
Partial revisions of existing high and low voltage power distribution and IT communication systems. Project included load analysis and capacities for existing and anticipated new buildings.

San Ramon Valley Center, Community College, San Ramon, CA
Master planning and design for the new 19 acre community college consisting of nearly 200,000 square feet of administrative, math, science, library, community center, central plant buildings and all underground primary and secondary power and telecommunication utilities.

Patterson, Middle School, Patterson, CA
New campus, totally approximately 60,000 square feet of buildings consisting of classrooms, multi-purpose building and gymnasium, administration building and underground utility infrastructure.

San Jose City College, Math/Science Building, San Jose, CA
New math/science building of nearly 55,000 square feet, including student laboratories, classrooms, IT infrastructure, administration and all required support spaces.

University of California at Riverside, Riverside, CA
New 30,000 square foot, multiuse building, including administrative offices, required support spaces, classrooms, computer and teaching laboratories with training and tutorial rooms. This building was serviced from the campus's primary power and communication site distribution system after analysis and evaluation of the systems´┐Ż capacity.

University of California San Francisco, Medical & Health Science Buildings, San Francisco, CA
Multiple renovations of existing wet and dry laboratories for new dermatology, pharmacology, tissue culture and animal research facilities including support and office spaces. The construction was phased to coordinate ongoing modifications of the building's electrical, communication and life safety distribution systems, including budget cost opinions provided for each phase.

California State University Northridge, Northridge, CA
New 34,000 square foot expansion and renovation of the existing bookstore including lighting, power, and communication systems for stack areas, copy and computer area, print shop, food service facilities and two-story retail store for the sale of campus clothing and supplies.

Los Angeles Pierce College, Los Angeles, CA
Survey and design for complete replacement of the 70 buildings, 40-acre, campus life safety fire alarm and detection system. The existing, hard wired site distribution system was replaced with wireless, electronic transmitters throughout the campus. By the elimination of this existing wiring, spare capacity was made available in the underground site distribution for future communication wiring systems. Following this installation, a detailed survey of sub-surface structures was made for the proposed, new fiber optic campus IT telecommunication system.

Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, NV
New dormitories and dining hall facilities with attendant parking and maintenance buildings. All buildings consist of wood frame construction including provisions for solar heating. This project includes load studies and site utilities master planning for current and future campus construction.

Foothill - De Anza Community College, Los Altos, CA
New childcare center and support areas for the De Anza Campus consisting of approximately 11,000 square feet with remodel of portions of the existing childcare center.

Foothill - De Anza Community College, Los Altos, CA
Remodel of approximately 15,000 square feet of the existing "Center for Innovation" for a new multi-media center and computer laboratory including extension of the existing 12 KV distribution system.

Mount Diablo High School, Concord, CA
Replacement of the campus life safety fire alarm and detection system, intercom, centralized clock and telephone systems for each building and new underground site distribution interconnecting these systems between the existing 17 buildings.

Pacific Bell Training Center, San Ramon Valley, CA
Renovation of approximately 40,000 square feet for a new training and educational center consisting of classrooms, computer laboratories, data communication laboratories, student tutorial rooms and all required support spaces. Electrical systems included power and communication and energy managements for lighting and HVAC controls.

Oracle Corporation Training Center 444 Market Street, San Francisco, CA
Renovation of approximately 17,000 square feet for new computer training center consisting of classrooms, office and support spaces for networking operations in the training of Oracle computer programs.

Campbell Community Center Adult Education Facility, Campbell, CA
Renovation of 15,000 square foot building for classrooms, auditorium and administration offices including increase of electrical capacity with a new electrical service, fire alarm and detection system upgrade as well as power and controls for the the HVAC system.

Jack London Elementary School, Antioch, CA
New elementary school for the Antioch school district. Facilities include both permanent and portable classrooms, multipurpose and exercise rooms and the required site distribution for power, communication and energy management systems among the campus buildings.

Matthew Turner Elementary School, Benicia, CA
New elementary school including classrooms, cafeteria and kitchen facilities with administration offices, all required support areas and underground site distribution for power, communication and fire alarm and detection system. The school includes automated energy management and lighting controls.